10 Factors To Consider before Proposing Or Accepting To be Married

Have you finally find someone that makes your heart scream and laugh of joy and you are thinking of spending every day of your life with that person.

It is a good thing to want to settle down, build your life with that person and happily grow old with that person y your side.

Before you go ahead with your plans, we suggest that you should consider the following information’s about your spouse before you accept he/she to be your husband or wife.

The reason for this, is that there are lots of people who have broken home, and marriages everywhere and some of these broken homes are broken because the couples never really know themselves too well, this includes their past life before saying “I DO” to each other and discovering of who their partner truly is, their terrible personality may hurt them so bad that they can no longer stay in that relationship anymore.

In order to avoid heart break and not have a broken relationship/marriage, we advise you to consider the attitude, actions, behaviors and Characters of the person you are dating at the moment, analyzing the following points that we will be explaining to you along side with your spouse before you say “Will you marry me? Or Yes I will marry you”.

We assure you that this article will give you the best guide and directions that will help take the right decisions and make your home a sweet and happy place for you, your spouse and your kids after you have said “YES I DO”.

#1. Genotype Compatibility

Before saying I do or entering into marriage with the love of your life; we advise you to put your partner’s genotype status into consideration.

Genotype in humans has to do with our individual different chemical composition organisms responsible for their DNA trait of their genetic makeup.

Below are listed genotype and their appropriate suitor.

  • (AA + AA) Excellent Genotype group.
  • (AA + AS) Good Genotype group.
  • (AA + SS) Not very good Genotype group.
  • (AS + SS) Very bed Genotype group.
  • (SS + SS) Extremely bad.

We advise you and your spouse to visit your doctor today and know your status before saying “I do” and ending unhappy and having kids that will also be unhappy.

#2. Family background

Your family background and that of your spouse is an essential aspect of every home. Everyone comes from a family that is built with different roles and regulations that guides them.

Is very important that you know some basic details about your spouse family in order to know how to relate with her and some of these vital details includes;

  • Where your spouse come from.
  • His/her upbringing/childhood life.
  • Other family relatives.
  • Family history base on health.

Being aware of these helps to plays a vital role in helping you relation to his her family better then you should be able to take your decision about marital life.

#3. Previous Relationship(s)

Lots of people have been in different relationships of which some left them hurting and disappointed, some affected them mentally, physically and psychology.

Some people go into a new relationship with the hurtful thought about their EX white other into a new relationship with the emotional and romantic feelings they have for the EX.

Note that is very important for couples in a relationship to discuss their pasted relationships, emotional feelings and attachments that once excited with their EX.

Get to know if your spouse have put away his or her EX and moved on with you before popping the question or accepting a marriage proposal from anyone.

#4. Believes And Religion

Believes and religion has a unique role to play in a marriage as a union and in the upbringing of every child.

Most people neglect this of marriage when getting a life time partner and once this mistake is made, the children suffer it most and their spiritual life is deeply affected.

Every family has their culture, traditions, believes as well as religions which the parent impact s into their ids and they grow with it, so when you come in contact with such people that hold strongly to their believes and religions; is very important for you to know if their tradition or way of upbringing suits you and if you inculcate it into your kids life then you can consider spending the rest of your life with him/her.

#5. Financial Status

Marriage means two people taking up responsibility of taking caring for each other at all time and handing all necessary ills and task that is expected of them to play on daily bases.

People might say that love is everything but the truth is that just love doesn’t and can’t pay your bills but money and resource do.

We advise that before you consider adding someone to your life you should have a job that you earn from to settle bills that could go a long way to cover both you and that of your spouse.

#6. Temperament Compatibility And Instability

We all know that physical appearance most times is very deceitful and sometimes tell not about a person except when you come closer or get involve with them that you can really tell who that person is.

Temperament compatibility is a vital area to also put your focus on before taking the decision to settle for a girl or a guy.

Failure to do so might cause you to end up with a wrong person whose temperament is totally different from yours and is bearable.

#7. Health Status

One essential aspect of any relationship is to know the health status of your partner before proposing to him/her; the major purpose of knowing this is to be able to help and assist them in any way you can.

Marriage has lots of responsibilities that accompany it and this requires two people that are sound in their mind and health.

#8. His/her Location

In a long distance relationship; is very importance that the both party understand themselves perfectly and that trust for each must be there and one of them must be willing to make sacrifices to please the other person.

Before you think about settling down with the love of your life, you should deal with the issue that relate to him/her location first because you both cannot be married but live and work in another city while she lives and work in another city because the truth is that it will result to lots of problems in time to come.

#9. Faithfulness/Honesty

Some people say words such as “ A cheater is always a cheater” this is to say that if he or she cheated on you once then there is every tendency that he or she will cheat on you again.

Before you embark on the journey of settling down with this lady/man, ask yourself if he/she cheats on you and are hones to you.

 If the answer is yes that your spouse cheats on you and is not honest about it; then ask yourself this, “Can i deal with the cheating habit” if the answer is “NO” then our advice to you is to never settle down with such a person because it will cause hurts and heartbroken all the time.

#10.  Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene of both the male and the female is a turn on point for both couples which have to do with your body fragrance, sex life, mouth odor and general home cleanness.

Anyone could pretend that hygiene does not really matter but the truth is this, hygiene really matter a lot especially when you are thinking of living forever with that person.

Our advice to you is to help your spouse overcome his/her poor hygiene problems without making them feel bad about themselves.

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