10 Signs That Shows Someone Love You And Has Interest in You

Every human has someone who loves and care for them in one way or the other; but the funniest thing is that some people can’t figure out when someone is giving them a green flag which shows that they really likes you and want to be with you.

Most people might ask questions such as “how can I know if a girl or a guy is interested in me”?

 Many will ask if is possible for someone of their opposite sex to e attracted to them and want to be with them without them being aware.

The truth is this; lots of people are not even aware that the person around them that they have been neglecting for years really love, care and hungry to be with them.

In this post, we will e listing important points and signs that show that the girl or guy around you do love, appreciate and has interest in you.

#1. She/he Gives You Smiling face Always: If you are always around someone you are not in relationship with or maybe you consider the people as just a friend to you and such a person puts on smiles at you just at the sight of you, then it means that your presence actually excite he/she and that person feels comfortable around you.

Note that anyone that dislikes you or don’t want to be with you will never feel excited around you let alone smile at you.

#2. She/he Encourages You: Encouragement can only come to you from anyone who cares about you and you’re welfare; this is because he/she wants and wishes for you to progress and succeed in everything you do.

So if you have someone that always makes out time to encourage you, then you should ear this in mind that such a person really loves you very much.

#3. She/he Defends you anywhere: When puts away his or her personality just to defend you in the public or anywhere you need someone to stand for you.

Most people in relationship find it difficult to take the risk of speaking up for their partner especially when there is problem but any person that has the confidence and oldness you defend you without minding will e the outcome truly cares above you.

#4. She/he Keeps In Mind Vital Details Concerns You: Anyone that remembers vital details and information’s about you definitely cares about you.

These information’s may include your date of birth, place of birth, where you come from, food you love and enjoy a lot and your likes and dislikes.

#5. She/he Calls And Text You Always: People only call and text some one that is important to them and means a lot to them.

The moment someone keep showing you that concern of putting calls across to you or texting to check on you at all time, then is obvious that he/she really care and loves you.

#6. She/he Is Supportive: Never neglect the act of support someone around you shows to you because is an act of kindness, love and care that they are expressing towards you.

#7. She/he Is Interested In Knowing About You: People you come in contact with on daily bases might have interest in knowing about you because they see it to be of no value to them.

At any point in your life that your opposite sex starts putting interest in knowing more about you then its means that they care about who you are.

#8. She/he Is Always There For You When You Need Help: Is one thing to know someone, is another thing to always be there for them when they really need you.

Anyone who devotes his/her time to being with you especially when you need some to be around you and help you overcome the challenges you are facing; definitely love and care about you.

#9. She/he Is Always Sincere To you: It takes only someone who truly respects your feeling, love you and care about you to be 100% sincere and honest to you.

Once a friend is sincere to you at all time without minding if you dislike him/her after hearing the truth from them, then such a person should be transparent and trust worthy.

#10. She/he Enjoys And Appreciate Your Presence: Lots of people feel irritated by the presence of others and such person find it difficult to show anyone love and care.

If you’ve been worrying on how to be able to dictate if a girl or a guy loves and is interested in you, the all you need is to monitor if he/she truly appreciate you and enjoys your presence around he/she.

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