11 Tips on How to Make a Woman Feel Loved and Secured

Feeling loved and being treated with love by your spouse is one of the
greatest feelings that every woman desires wants to have everyday of
her life with you.
Many women love to be appreciated by their men at all time because
this helps to strengthen their affection and passion for their partner,
but when there is less love, less attention, less appreciation, less
passion, less emotions and less care the relationship suffers likewise
the individual involved in that relationship.
Lots of people thinks that women are complicated creatures and
cannot be pleased in any relationship their spouse but they got it all
Women are amazing creatures that are angelic by nature; women are
easy to love, be with and care for at all times and if you are wondering
how or ways to make your woman or any woman around you feel so
much in love especially around you then you need not to worry
anymore because we will be updating you with excellent and assuring
ways to treat your woman and make her feel loved by you.
Below are trusted ways to show your woman love and make her very
Commitment: One of the assuring ways to make your girlfriend feel
loved is by showing her a great level of commitment to her in your
relationship with her.

Your commitment to her creates a fertile ground for her to open up her
heart more for you and make you feel the softest part of her which is a
symbol that shows that she is in love with you and she feel loved by you
which is a result of your commitment to her.
Surprises/Gifts: One of the reasons why we say that women are
amazing creature is because little things that mean nothing can actually
mean a lot to a woman and it can change a lot about how they see you.
Woman loves surprises and gifts even when they say “you know I hate
surprises” the truth is they wish every day with you will be full of
Note that it does not need to be an expensive or luxury gifts; the truth
is that they actually feel special whenever you surprise them with little
things likes coming back home before them to assist them get the
dinner ready before they come back, buying her roses on your way back
home, taking her to new places in the city, taking her for a vocation and
other interesting activity.
There are lots of things to make her feel the love you have for her but
most especially always figure out what exactly she needs at the
moment and surprise her with it because it will make feel loved by you.
Always Compliment Her: One of the factors that can build a
woman love and feelings for her man is the man compliments on her
looks, her body, her voice, her smiles, how she sleeps and how she does
everything she is asked to do.

Women tends to channel their feelings and love towards people that
compliments them a lot because it actually make them feel loved and
appreciated by them.
Most guys who lose their girlfriend to other guys might be saying “She
left me for a poor hunger guy who doesn’t deserve her” but one thing
you should know that she feel much loved and appreciated by that guy
who you call “poor hunger guy” thereby by letting you know that
money isn’t everything a relationship needs.
True Respect: True respect means a lot in every relationship and
every woman deserves to be respected by her spouse; this is because
of people think that women are weak and for that reason they tend to
disrespect women by not allowing voice out her suggestions, thoughts
and opinions about anything going on in the relationship and this might
go a long way to break the woman down in regrets thereby giving them
only one option which is to walk away from the relationship.
True respect to your woman is a way of making your woman know that
she is not in a bondage and that her ideals on any decision relating to
you both are highly needed and welcome at all time and by so doing
you are creating a loving impact in the woman’s life that always make
feel loved by you.
Support And Assist Her: Being supportive and assisting your woman is a
way to make her happy and strengthen her love for you at all times.
Women are stress absolver and they try everything possible to make
sure that her relationship works with her man by putting in their best.
As a man, is advisable that you support and assist her in all aspect, this
includes financially, mentally, psychologically, materially and

emotionally; by doing this you are creating a cycle of love between both
of you which will build a strong and lasting feelings of love in her heart.
Create Time For Her: One of the ways to make your girlfriend feel
attached and loved by you is by creating time out of your busy schedule
just to be with her.
Every love needs time to be nurtured and groomed and the fastest way
to do so is by making out time for her because it will make know that
she is special to you and that she is important to you than anything and
Accept Her And Her Personality: Acceptance is one factor that
makes a woman want to stay with you forever because she feels loved
by you.
Every relationship has a growth rate and this growth rate has a role to
play on the aspect of love and development of the persons in that
When a guy and a woman agree to date each other there might be
certain attitudes and lifestyles that one of them might posses which
might not really suit their partner’s lifestyle.
Bedroom Skills: One way of making your woman feel amazingly
loved is by paying close attention to your bedroom skills and her bed
room needs which includes bed time with her, insuring you admire her
sexuality and satisfying her during sexual intercourse.
Lots of relationship breakup for this very reason; women love to feel
sexy and admire by their men at all time because it brings out the
confidence in them especial when they are with their fellow ladies.

Note that once you satisfy your woman sexually; it makes her feel love
and she will never want to leave her relationship with you.
Give Her A Listening Ears: Paying attention and listening to your
woman makes her feel loved and respected in a relationship, it also
makes her feel that her opinions and suggestions are welcomed at all
Women believe that a listening guy tends to be understanding and
caring, and this is one attribute that every woman expects from the
man they are dating or getting married to.
Being Responsible: Every woman wants and desire for their man
to be responsible and to take up responsibility of some issues that
concerns the relationship.
The act of a man being responsible actually make a woman feel love
because it make her to believe that there is someone there for her.
A woman expects that being responsible should not only be based on
material things but also no areas such as knowing the needs of the
woman, contributing in settling some bills, showing affection, being a
great companion to the woman, protecting the woman and providing
for her.
Compliment And Admire Her: Complimenting and admiring
your woman is one unique aspect of every relationship; this is because
it makes the woman feel loved and special to their partner.
When you compliments woman about her looks, outfits body, attitude,
eyes, nose, lips, charisma and other aspect of her physic, it makes her

feel like a queen and make her feel loved and want to spend every day
of her life with you.
Be Truthful And Faithful To Her: A truthful and faithful
relationship brings about lasting love and one sure way to make your
woman feel loved is by being truthful and faithful to her in everything
that concern you and your relationship with her.
Women believes that money is not everything that is needed to make
them happy but the sincere act of faithfulness to them and truthfulness
can go deep into their hearts faster than any virus could.
Make Sacrifices: Little sacrifices such as leaving your work to be
with them when they most needed you could make a woman to never
want any other guy but you.
Sacrifices sometimes might be a tough decision to take because of the
outcome which might turn out badly on you, but making those
sacrifices for the woman you love worth’s it and it makes her feel
adored and worshiped.
Always Encourage Her: Women see the man they are in a
relationship with as their source of strength and being encouraged by
you will go a long way to motivate and inspire them to go after their
dream and goals.
Correct Her with Love: Never be aggressive towards your
girlfriend over anything most especially when correcting her mistakes.
Note that women are soft creatures that desire and deserves a tender
treatment at all times because mistakes are inevitable but what is most

important is to correct her with love and teach her the right things to
This could change so many things about her making her a better person
and making her feel loved.
Eradicate Any Secret: Keeping secrets from your woman could
make her think you never love at all and it could destroy your
relationship at anytime.
That is the reason you should be open and sincere to her to avoid hurts
and making her feel unloved and unappreciated.
Never Compare With Other Women: Women hates being
compared to other women especially when it is coming from someone
they are in a relationship with.
Guys if you want your woman to adore you then never talk her down
but always talk her up and bring out the best in her by making her feel
that she is the most beautiful woman on planet earth and that you are
blessed to have her in your life.
Let her know that there are millions of women over the world but she is
the only one of her kind that ever existed and you are proud to have
Women love to be protected by their spouse and give her the
confidence to step out every day for their daily activity with fear of

Never expose the woman you love to danger and never let any danger
come to her by trying this, she will trust you more, believe in you more
and more especially love you more and feel loved by you.
Keep To Your Promises: Keeping to your promises to the woman
in your life is one characteristic that a woman admires a lot.
We all know that is not always easy to stand by your words especially
when you are being faced by an unpleasing circumstance that tends to
push you to the words.
We advise that is better not to make promises that you can’t fulfill and
stick to the one that are lets challenging and easy to fill because
fulfilling your promises no matter how little they might be will make
your woman feel special and loved.
Go For Vocations With Her: Spicing up your relationship with the
ideal of visiting different towns and cities will definitely make your
woman happy and adored.
Most times people get bored in their relationship because they feel
stocked in a place and environment but make some time to take your
woman for vocation strengthens her love for you and make her desire
you more than ever.


We believe that with the above vital information’s and tips; you will be
able to make your relationship a happy one and take it to another
beautiful level.

We will keep updating on other necessary information’s that will help
your relationship and most especial help you give out your best to your

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