12 Simple Ways To Find Real Happiness

The word happiness has different definition and is also defined
different by people based on the application of the word.
While happiness is seen as a state of mental and emotional stability,
other people also see it as a state of satisfaction, contentment,
delightfulness, cheerfulness, joyfulness, gladness, merriment and
jubilation; whatever definition you chooses to use for it, it all
encompasses your state of well being and a happy well being.
Lots of people are unhappy and this was caused y different reason
which might have been brought by some life challenges that might have
unpleasing to them.
But the question here is “Do you wish and want to be happy again” if
yes, then you will be happy to read this post.
One thing you should bear in mind is that being happy is a free gift of
nature, just like the air we breathe. Happiness does not choose to come
to some people and leave others unhappy, rather we are the ones that
choose to be happy with people around us, things around us and the
nature around us.
If you’ve been unhappy or you are searching for ways to be happy and
find happiness again, below are assuring ways to get back to your
delightful self and be happy with yourself and people around you and
with things that happens around every day.
We advise you to carefully and joyously follow this tips to achieving an
everlasting happiness and live happy life always.

1. Be Happy With Yourself: Self happiness is one factor that

pushes you to see others as yourself, accepts others and most
especially adores yourself.
Being happy with yourself is a straight road to every day happiness that
you seek for; be happy with your looks, your strength as a man or
woman your dreams, your goals, your achievements, your energy and
Never let anything take away yourself happiness from you because it all
depends on you.

2. Be Happy With Others: Remember that your existence as a

human on planet earth has so much to do with people around you and
people that are involved in your daily activities.
We are surrounded by people with different behaviors thoughts,
lifestyle, backgrounds, goals, missions and their achievements.
To be able to find happiness, you have to try to fit into others lifestyle
to be able to know to why they act and do the things they do; and in
doing this you will be able to find whose lifestyle that suits you and
make you happy too.

3. Be Positive About Life: Never allow your unhappy past

experiences affect your present life lots of people have been hurt,
heartbroken, betrayed and disappointed by their love ones or people
they trusted so much. If that has been your experiences then is time to
see life from a different perspective and be positive about life and your
daily encounter in life.

Being positive transforms you into a perfect person with a golden heart
in such a way that even when people see things to be impossible you
will always see it to be possible, thereby making you find happiness in
anything you place your heart to do.

4. Choose Happy Friends: One way to find happiness is by

choosing happy friends and being around happy people all the time.
Happiness is very contentious which means that other people’s
happiness can be pasted to you as long as you are always around them.
Being with your friends is a perfect way to life even if you’ve been hurt
lot of time or you don’t see any reason to be happy anymore.
This is absolutely true because happy people like to make friends
around happy to.

5. Discover Your Purpose: Discovering your purpose is one sure

way to find happiness and self fulfillment in yourself.
What is that thing that you love doing at all time, what is your dreams
and determinations, what are you plans and goals or your targets for a
higher position in the society?, discover it today by putting in your best
in everything you do and it will ring you great and amazing happiness.

6. Accepts New Things And Ideas: Don’t always tire yourself

to the things you used to know or you where thought. Remember that
the fate that certain thing was done in a certain way does not make it
right or truth.

Open your mind to new things and ideas that comes your way daily, try
applying them to your life without letting anything discourage and at
the end, you will be happy that you tried those ideas and thoughts.
Never let the thought of losing or not making it right stops you from
doing any new things because most times those new things or ideas
work excellently well and bring out the best in us.

7. Follow Your Insistent: To be happy and find true happiness

you should do what makes you happy, engage yourself on activities
that please your heart and don’t let anyone tells you order wise
because as long as your insistent is directing you do so then you will be
rest assure that it will make you happy.
Never restrict yourself from social activities that will help you to
explore the talents in you at anytime but tell yourself that you are
vibrant and is capable of doing anytime then you will be able to freely
participating in any social activity.

8. Make New Friends: Friends are part of our life as much as our

families; Friends contribute about 50% percent of our daily life and
what happens around us.
Making new friends at work, in your environment or on the social
media platform is very essential because you never know who among
them will help you achieve your goals in life and bring that lasting
happiness that you long desire.

9. Visit New Places: The environment you find yourself can also

contribute to your happiness and that is the reason why you should
visit other places outside your present resident.

We advise you to go places that has lots of nature and natural habitat
such as river, birds, mamma’s, reptiles, fishes and other interesting
creatures and you see happy those amazing creatures can you happy.

10. Set Goals For Yourself: Achieving your goals makes you feel

fulfilled and a fulfilled man is a happy man.
If you want to be happy always then learn to set goals for yourself at all
time and put in your best to achieving those goals.
Doing so will make you see how strong you are and how determined
you are to face any challenge that might comes your way from time to

11. Help Others: Helping others around or those you come in

contact with on daily bases is also a way of finding real happiness.
Human’s need and wants can never be satisfied but human
appreciation when you help them in one way or the other.
The smiles that round their face when they say “thank you” puts joy
and happiness in your heart and you will be glad that you helped them.

12. Hold Onto Yourself Esteem And Purpose: Being

yourself, holding on your purpose, values and respecting yourself
esteem is a way of making yourself happy.
As the day goes by, there are lots of situations and circumstances that
might come your way and try believed in but refusing to accepts those
circumstances or suggestions is what shows who you are truly are and
how strong you are.

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