15 Sings That Shows Your EX Doesn’t Need You Anymore

One of the toughest feelings to deal with is the feeling of rejection and
breakup from your spouse or partner and being in a relationship with
someone you admire so much and have given your whole self to that
one person could be the happiest thing that could happen to anyone
but what happens if your love for that person is not reciprocate by
those you loved and by their attitude to the relationship.
Maybe you are putting in all your effort to ensure that your
spouse/partner is happy with you, with the relationship and most
especially for him or her to treat you as due you are the only existing
person with all unique features that God could ever offer anyone but it
seem as if everything is in vein and you can figure out what the prolems
However, you decided to give it a break for you both to figure out what
is really going on with your relationship and then work on it but your EX
is being difficult over it.
Below are signs that indicate to you that your EX has moved on, totally
over you and doesn’t need you anymore.

1. She/he Start Avoiding Your Calls And Messages:

Avoiding and not responding of your messages and calls are clear signs
that your spouse (EX) is no longer interested in you and doesn’t need
you anymore.

Calls and text messages are one sure means of keeping a strong
communication with your partner even after breakup and them
responding back to your text and calls is a way of saying “yeah I think
you are still interesting after what happened between us”.
Note that any moment your EX who you still want to get back to
doesn’t pick or respond to you or he/she start avoiding your calls, then
is 100% real that they don’t want you anymore.

2. She/he Shows No Appreciation At All: Lack of

appreciation from your EX is a clear note that she/he doesn’t want you
anymore and anything from you.
Showing appreciation even after breakup to your partner is a way of
saying “I know things didn’t work out between us but you were an
amazing person” but when he or she never show any atom of
appreciation for anything you have done or did, absolutely means that
they no longer value you but value someone else.

3. Shows No Interest In Your Ideas: The moment your Ex

doesn’t show any interest or contribution to any idea you bring; then is
obvious that they definitely doesn’t need you anymore.
Every relationship or friendship works perfectly well with the help of
combine ideas from the both partner involved in it but once the other
person stops showing any sign of interest or contribution to the other
person’s idea it show that you are no longer valuable to them.

4. Give Excuses Over Everything: We all know that everyone

give excuses over certain issue or why they did without explanation.

When your Ex Start giving excuses over everything at all time without
any explanation that you should be convinced that he/she feels
irritated around you and your presence is not needed around them.

5. Returning Unused Gifts: Most time the gifts that you might

have surprised your partner with are never used by them and when
there is a breakup and your partner start returning those gifts given to
them by you; then you should know that they are indirectly telling you
that they don’t need you anymore and anything that comes from you.

6. Unwelcomed Pleasantries by Family And Friends:

Families and friends are known to be supportive towards any
relationship of their kids and show or display an attitude of a good
welcome to their son’s or daughter’s partner like wise to their friend.
But when there is a breakup and they are aware of it, they instantly
start giving you an unwelcome pleasantries which means that you are
no more welcomed around their child and that they are in support of
their kids moving on.

7. Does Not Care About Who Comes Around You: The

responsibility of your partner is to know and care about people that
comes around you on daily bases and their relationship / connections
with them.
But the moment your partner no longer cares or put interest on who
you communicates with then it’s so obvious that your spouse has move
on with him/her life and doesn’t need you anymore.

8.No Longer Go Out With You: The fun and interesting part of

any relationship is when the both parties are willing to go out with each

other and providing to people that they are both proud and happy to e
with each other.
The moment your Ex no longer want to go out with you as a friend,
then you should know that he/she no longer want to anymore.

9: He/she Start Suggest Someone As better Option For

You: When a lady or guy is over you and doesn’t need you anymore,
he/she start giving you options by trying to convince you of considering
someone else who they think will e much better and suit you rather
than them. They are simply telling you to look for someone else
because they are no longer interested in you.

10. They Seems Happier Without You: Yes we all wish and

want to see our partner happy at all times; but after a breakup
between you and your spouse and they seen to e happier than he/she
use to be, then you should know that they have moved on and you
presence or absence no longer matter to them anymore.

11. She/he Chooses Someone Else Over You: Anyone that

have any atom of love for you will always choose you over others but
the more your spouse or partner start choosing others or a particle
person that is not their parents or any of their relation, then you should
bear this in mind that he/she has lost interest in you and they probably
do not need you any more in their life’s.

12. Their Recent No Relationship Profile Status: Everyone

in love and in a happy relationship is always proud to post about their
spouse and relationship anywhere and this includes the social media

platforms such as the facebook, instragram, twitter, whatsapp and
The moment your Ex remove their relationship profile status and
changes it to no relationship at the moment then it’s absolutely means
that they have moved on and are over you.

13. She/he Doesn’t Want Reconciliation: In every

relationship, misunderstanding or sometimes breakup tends to set in
but what really matters in the mist of any breakup is the wiliness of the
both parties to reconcile, settle their differences and make up.
Note that the moment you try to make peace and reconcile with your
Ex but he or she refuses or does not give you the opportunity and
chance to make things right then is obvious reason is likely to e that
he/she doesn’t want to e with anymore.

14. She/he Calls You Ugly Names: Names such as stupid,

useless, idiot, animal, bitch, etc. are not suppose to be use on anymore
let alone on your spouse or past partner.
When you love someone and admire that person you should use sweet
names such as my love, darling, sweet heart, baby, my treasure, my
king, my queen, my crown or honey to address that person.
But if after a breakup and your Ex start calling you stupid and
undeserving names, he/she is simply telling you that you don’t suit
them and you are not needed around them.

15. She/he blocks Your Line Or Get A New Line:

Immediately your Ex girlfriend or boyfriend changes their line without
giving you their new contact number or blocks your line from reaching

them; then you should know that they don’t want to have anything to
do with you anymore and they want you to totally keep away from

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