18 Tips On How To Start Conversation With A Girl For The First Time

Have you been searching and waiting to meet the woman of your
dreams and finally you meet her but the only reason restricting you
from talking to her is how to start your conversation with her.
Now you need not to worry because we will be giving you all vital and
necessary tips and steps on how to confront her, get her mobile
number and start a loving conversation that will make her want to hear
from you again.
We all know that there is nothing more exciting to a girl than having
smiles rounding her lips and making her want to hear a loving guys
I know you might be asking how possible could that be? Is really
possible because these days’ girls don’t like going for a blind date
whereby they have not spoken to the guy before or know nothing
about a guy which might end up getting them bored from the beginning
to the end of the date.
A little introduction of who you are, your location, what you do for a
living, things you like or enjoy, places you find to be exciting and
interesting, what she likes and dislike and places she like can give you
some ideals about her in order to know where to take her to if finally
she agrees to go out with you.
Below are amazing, excellent and assuring tips and steps for you to
follow on how to start your first time conversation with any girl you

  1. Your Approaches: Every girl loves guys with good manner and
    decent approaches that shows that you have respect and regards for
    When you meet a lady you like and think of developing a relationship or
    making her your friend is advisable that you should use the right
    approaches towards her in order to get a decent and welcome
    response from her.
    Using the wrong approaches on a lady for the first time of speaking
    with her indicates that you (the guy) have a bad attitude and ladies
    dislike guys with bad attitude.
  2. Gently Ask Her For Her Phone Number: You have finally
    spoken to her and want to have some chat with or get to know her
    more just ask her for her phone line number to call her later.
    While doing this never forget to let her know that you wish to talk more
    with her and get to know her better.
    Note that when trying to get her number is advisable that you go
    straight to your point of what you want from her and never beat
    around the bush because it makes girls see you to be unserious.
  3. Don’t Be In A Hurry: We all know how exciting it is to get a
    phone number of a pretty girl and how quick you want to talk with her
    and hear her pretty voice again.
    We advise you never to be in a hurry to contact her immediately she
    gives her number to you because she probably might not give you a
    good respond or she might see you as one of those guys that goes

around picking girls and collecting numbers from girls just to them and
get them to bed with him.

  1. Proper Timing: No need of being in a rush to call or text her
    immediately; what really matter is for you to know the perfect and
    proper timing to contact her which will be the comfortable time for her.
    If she has another guy that she goes home to every night then calling or
    texting she at night will be a bad news because her responses will be
    cold and unwelcoming to you. But if she lives alone all by her herself
    then you can probably text her during the evening hours which is just
    the perfect time for a serious conversation.
  2. Make A Simple Start: Now that you have made the perfect
    time to text here is advisable you start your text to her with simple
    words of friendship such as “Hello” “Hi” or a greeting such as “Good
    day to you”. These words actually show sense of maturity and
    Avoid using words such as “Hi Babe”, “Pretty” or “sexy” on your first
    time chat with her because that will definitely irritate her especially
    when is coming from a stranger and it will definitely not respond back
    to you.
  3. Be Patient For Response: Being patient is one attribute that
    girls loves and desire in a guy, because that gives them time to think
    and recall how they meet you and the approaches you used on them
    and most importantly if they want to talk with you.
    Never think that because she did not respond immediately to your text
    means that she doesn’t want to talk with you. Sometimes her respond

to your text might not come immediately as you expected or it might
take a day or two but whatever be the case learn to be patient with

  1. Note How Welcoming Is Her Response: Now that she has
    decided to respond to your text. “That sounds interesting
    right?” but one point you should not about her respond is; was her
    response welcoming or not.
    Remember that is better not to be judgmental over their first response
    to you because girls don’t like to look cheap to any guy on their first
    chat or conversation and responses such as “Who are you?” “Who is
    this?” “Do I know you?” “Can I help you?” can be discouraging and most
    times you might lack words and answers to those questions because
    they make you feel unwelcomed.
    We advise you to neglect the feelings that these questions may suggest
    to your mind and proceed to talking with her for the very reason that
    you love her and you want to be with her.
    Be Persistent: Being persistent to communicating with her shows
    how determined you are in making your point clear to her and letting
    her know your intentions.
    Remember that this has nothing to do with using forceful words or any
    atom of disrespectful attitude on her just to proof you to her; but it has
    to do with the way you understand her, welcome her response and
    proceeding to being friendly with her.
  2. Be Open To Her: Playing around with a girl when texting her for
    the first time can piss her off because they will actually see you as a
    play boy who will never be serious with any woman.
    Reminding her of your name, where you from will be perfect for her
    because it makes her not to think of you as a total stranger.
  3. Never Do The Questioning Alone: women dislike guys that
    talk too much especially when is for the first time you are
    communicating with them.
    Ensure that she is part of the conversation so that you could know her
    too and then knowing how to relate with her.
  4. Compliment Her Words: Compliments makes a lady feel
    special and accepted around a guy so always compliment her
    contribution to your conversation with her because that’s one way of
    knowing if she flowing with you and that she perfectly understands
    Note that there should be limits to your compliments in order for her
    not to think that you are flatting her and making gust of her rather than
    complimenting her.
  5. Less Emojis and Abbreviation: Never think or believe that
    emojis expresses your better and because of that you use them at all
    Girls are more attracted to written or spoken words than emojis the
    same with words abbreviations can make ladies bored during

conversation especially when she is not famine with those abbreviations
such as “GTG” “SUL” “LOL” “WTF” etc.

  1. Paying Attention: Guys should always have this in mind that
    girls are attention seekers and what gives them interest about a guy is
    the level of attention given to them.
    During your conversation with her, make her release that you are a
    a good listener and that you are getting some points from what she is
    saying and please never be in a hurry to correct when she makes
    a mistake so that she will not see you to be authoritative because of ladies
    dislike guys that are that way.
  2. Note Her Likes And Dislikes: Noting the likes and dislikes of
    a girl is very easy during your first conversation with her and it gives
    you the ideal of her lifestyle.
    Asking her about what she like and dislike also helps you know her
    personalities and how she was trained up.
  3. Words Consciousness: Being conscious and mindful of your
    choices of words is very important because guys and girls are different
    physically, they think and reason differently too.
    Always bear this in your mind that you don’t need to communicate with
    her the way you relate to your fellow guys during decision but being
    soft and using caring words is all you need to make what to want with
    her come true.
  4. State Your Intentions: Is very Essential that you make your
    intentions knew to her by expressing yourself to her in every possible
    way that is right and perfect for her to understand you.
    During this process, is advisable to respect her words but most
    especially make her know that you are here with good intentions that
    will never cause any harm or hurt to her but to give her love, happiness
    and to treat her like a queen she is.
    NOTE: if the conversation is going pretty well, you can then kindly
    request from her if you could call her.
  5. Keep the Conversation Short: Trying to prolong the
    conversation or to communicate everything in your head and mind to
    her may be boring and acceptable to her. We think is better keeping
    your conversation short and straight to the point to avoid getting her
    bored and ending the chat or probably blocking you from calling her.
  6. Show Appreciation: Showing appreciation does not make you
    a weaker person or look like she is doing you a favor by talking with you
    but it shows that you are a better man and you will shower her with
    lots of love if the opportunity is given to you.
    This act will show a lot about you to her and she will be willing to see
    more of you and will be longing to be with you.
    Conclusion: The above tips will help you achieve your goals of being
    with an amazing woman of your dreams.
    Is very important that you also apply your past relation experience
    along and allow these steps to play a vital role in your next relationship.

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