8 Things Guys Expect From Their Spouse

All creatures are different and special in their own ways of living as much as they enjoy and drive happiness from being who and what they are.

Men are living creatures just as women are; and they desire to be loved, cherished and treated like baby by their woman.

Some women tend to treat their men with no special kind of love because they believe that guys are created to be stronger and should be able to take up any challenges and pains that come their way.

But that’s not true about guys, they are humans too, they have feelings, they feel stressed just like every human do and they definitely want to be loved and taken care of.

Below are vital things you should know about men and how to relate to them as part of you.

#1. We Love To be Complimented

Compliments speaks more about one’s personality and looks but most especially it shows a high level of appreciated when is coming from the woman we love and cherish.

Someone may ask if really do men like or want to be appreciated? The answer is a big “YES”, as a man it actually give us so much joy and boldness when our lady tells us how good we look and appear to them.

When a man receives good compliments from a woman, it makes him want to always look and dress good around that particle woman.
You too can try this today; tell your man that he is looking good and his charms are totally irresistible to you, that he has always look amazing from the first day you both meet till this moment.

#2. Appreciate Our Efforts To Provide And Make You Happy

As men, our most desire is to provide for our spouse in every aspect of the relationship and we are even willing to go out of our comfort zone just to ensure that our spouse is happy and have the best things of life just to make her happy.

Some time we only expect this honest appreciation from our spouse that all and this makes us satisfy and fulfilled because it create a state of stability in our mind to know that we have played a vital role in making sure that our partners needs and desires comes to reality.

Note that appreciation could come in words or actions but know that men are sensitive enough to know when you are really grateful to them.

#3. We Like To be Treated With Love Just Like A baby

In a relationship, being treated like a baby is not suppose to be only the lady alone, men also love to be treated like a baby by their spouse. Someone may ask “how could I treat him or how can I treat him like a baby”.

First, help him in doing little things such as shaving his body hairs, helping him to apply his body lotions on him, surprise him with little but fantastic gifts such as designer’s underwear, always give him kisses, tell him that he is the best thing that ever happen to you and make him sleep with his head on your laps.

#4. We Want You to be in charge in the bed Room

Most times some guy get fade up of always being the one to turn up the sexual and emotional feeling by trying to put their partner in the made for an intercourse.

Sometimes the ladies tend to misjudge the guys for this; thereby making them feel addicted to sex but that shouldn’t be so because guys love it when their woman makes sexual advisement at them and turn up the emotions in us and make us feel unique and wanted by our partner.

#5. Don’t Keep Reminding Us Of Our Wrong/Mistakes

In a relationship, there is lot of tendency to make mistakes by the both party and these mistakes could sometimes be hurtful but is most important is for you to realize your mistakes, correct your ways and then ask your partner to forgive you.

As men, we know that sometimes we do certain things in the wrong way and in properly, we admit to it and apologies to our spouse but it hurts us whenever our spouse refuses to forgive us or have to always remind us of what we did wrong at all time.

#6. Correct Us With Love And Respect

We advise you to love and respect your spouse as much as you would want him to love and respect you too.

As guys, we and expect our partner to call us to order especially when we are going or doing the wrong things the wrong way because no one is perfect but what is desired most is that the correction from our partner should come with love and respect to cause us open up our heart for the changes that is expected of us.

#7. Don’t Compared Us To OTHER Guys

Humans may not be the best in all that we do but we try to put in our best in making our spouse happy and comfortable in the relationship.

What we don’t appreciate is our spouse trying or comparing us to other men out there rather help us improve on ourselves and help us to be that man that your heart desires to be with.

#8. We Want You to be supportive and Responsible

Handling responsibilities an supporting the woman in our life is mine to be on our shoulders as the man in charge but most time we really want and will appreciate seeing our spouse standing up to handling certain responsibilities in the relationship and be supportive to the man in any little way she can.

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