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Do you have a high determination of getting good work that is well paying then we present to you one of the high ranking examination called UPSC exam.

Most Indians are really going so excited about the UPSC examination because sitting and passing the exam gives you the opportunity of top jobs from the Government that will for sure give you so many benefits as a worker, some insurance in some aspects of your life, amazing salary and security.

So if you are interested in writing this examination and passing it perfectly well, then be rest assured that we got your back and if you have written this exam lots of time and you still find it difficult to pass it then you don’t have to worry anymore.


What Is UPSC Examination?

The full meaning of UPSC is Union Public Service Commission; in Indian this organization is basically responsible for the recruitment and appointment of individuals into Government approved jobs such as the Indian Forest Service (IFS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and other vital service jobs in India.

All the above mentioned Government jobs can be easily gotten just by writing the UPSC examination and passing it successfully.

Note: These services are both on the Management of the state Government and Central Government of which is the reason why it is open to anybody that desires to work for the Government.

Overview On UPSC Examination

The UPSC examination is a civil Service examination that is being conducted in various region administrative arms across different cities in India. This examination is consider to be the most toughest and most difficult exam and that reason, lot of people find it difficult to pass successfully through it.

Records bears it that this exam has a low success rate which is within the percentage of 1% to 3%. But you don’t have to be scared or worried on how to make it and succeed in getting a position in one of the top ranked Government job.


This UPSC examination has three major know stages which are;

  1. The personality test interview
  2. The preliminary interview
  3. The main examination interview

The ability to succeed in these interviews gives you an upper hand in securing the Government job.

The UPSC examination is conducted annually for candidates who are determined and prepared for it.

Below are vital details of the IAS Examination;

The organization responsible for the examination The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)
Mode of examination Offline
Number of examination Once yearly
Age From age 20 to 32
2019 IAS preliminary date June to August
2019 IAS main date October to December
IAS pattern of examination Main exam: DescriptivePreliminary exam: MCQ

Why Do People Consider UPSC Examination To Be Tough


On like other examinations that candidates can easily manipulate and scare through by making great scores; The UPSC exam cannot be crack or manipulated by candidates writing the exam, the only way to push through successfully is by getting yourself well equipped for the examination by reading and mastering the syllabus, and reading through past Q&A of pass candidates of the UPSC.

Below are some reasons why the UPSC examination is consider being very tough.

  • Time For Exam Preparation: The UPSC examination preparation time is really lengthy because it requires a period of 8 to 10 months and within this long time preparation, candidates might get scared and nervous over the examination and in some cases the individuals might start forgetting areas they have studied before.

So the time duration has a way of affecting the candidate’s state of mind thereby making the examination a tough one for them.

  • UPSC Syllabus: The UPSC exam is considered being tough because of the syllabus which candidates sitting for the examination have to study in order to make good scores.

The syllabus is made up of various different subjects, sub-topic and major topics which are areas of concentration for applicants of the exam and applicants are expected to focus and study those subjects deeply and perfectly in order to pass the examination.

  • Mode Of Examination: This examination is consider as a tough exam because candidates are expected to pass through three phases of the examination with great scores before they can be considered to be successful of which the three phases are the personality interview phase, The preliminary interview phase and the main examination phase.

Candidates sitting for this exam are all expected to pass all the three stages of this examination and what guarantee your success is the ability to pass each of the examination phases in order to be able to move to the next stage or phase of the examination.

  • Percentage: The percentage of individuals that succeed in this exam always turn out to be low because it seen too tough for applicants to succeed through the three phases of the examination.

How To Make Good Scores In The UPSC Examination

If you are serious with studying your syllabus and making good scores in the UPSC examination but you feel discourage because of the appointment stories of people that once applied for it but could not succeed and that the exam is very difficult and tough.

The good news is that we will be giving you easy and simple tips with guard lines on how to make good scores and also pass the exam in flying amazing colors.

Below are best ways and tips to pass the UPSC exam.

#1: Introduction: Is very important to note that introduction is a vital aspect of your examination because it defines your work properly and makes your work to have direction and meaning.

For you to pass through this exam with great scores, you have to ensure that there is proper introduction with explanations to major keywords in your introduction.

#2: Breadth: Is advisable for a candidate to breadth during answering in the UPSC exam to enable you make great scores that will cause you to qualify and procedure for any position you seek for.

#3: Prefect Illustrative Diagram: Diagrams has it amazing way of throwing more lights on an explanation thereby allowing the reader to easily understand what the `writer (candidate) is trying to communicate.

We advise candidate to try their possible best to give an illustrative and clean diagram answer for questions that requires diagram for an answer because that will help you make good marks thereby upgrading your scores.

#4: Flow Chats: During your answer in the UPSC, is also advisable to bear in mind that flow chats is an amazing way of making higher scores.

#5: Paragraphs: Very candidates should know and understand the importance of paragraphs in your text.

We advise candidates to remember adding sub-heading as much as the paragraphs when writing to enable reader have ease and clear understanding about what they are trying to explain.

2019 UPSC Eligibility Criteria

Open Category 32 6 times
OBC 35 9 times
SC/IT 37 No limits
PH 42

Why You Should Join The Telegram Channels

The Telegram channels is a wide opportunity ground for anyone intending to set for the UPSC examination or any applicant because this communication application allows you to get reliable source for your examination by presenting you with articles, reliable news, Q&A from previous candidates of UPSC and you will get to make friends who can actually help you to pass your exam without you having to pay anything for it.

Conclusion: We strongly believe that you will go through this exam and come out successfully if only you can hold on to the above mentioned tips and ideas shared in this article.

For more reliable information’s relating to the UPSC examination and other vital updates then you will have to be checking on our page positive news and information’s.

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