Domestic Abuse & Violence towards Men

Are you a man that has been abused by females or you are going through an abuse in your relationship and you don’t know to get yourself out of that relationship, this article will give you all the necessary help that you require.

Can men be abused?

The answer is “yes” lots of men have been abuse and many are still going through abuses and many are still going through abuses and domestic violence in their relationship. But majority of the male finds it difficult to speak up because in our society, people don’t believe that men can be abused or violated by any woman and in some cases the male are ashamed and feel embarrassed to speak up about what they are going through in the hands of their female partner.

How men are being abused

Many men are being abused daily by their spouse who think and feel that they can do anything to the man without being arrested or sue for their actions.

  • Threatening the man: most women threaten their partner daily with the children they both have. In this case they threaten to leave the relationship with the kids and also threaten to never allow the man set his eyes on the kids if she leaves.
  • Manipulating the man: some women control and manipulate their partner by putting allegations that are false to people around them especially to the law enforcement agents just to make sure that  their spouse have no choice than to be humble and loyal to every action she take.
  • Control over his financial life: women who control the financial life of their partner are very oppressive and always demand that the man spends all his money in the way they want and in the way that please them.
  • Destroys properties: some women who tend to destroys properties in the house when they are angry and hits or kick the man consistently with the confident that the man can’t and wouldn’t speak up about it.
  • False accusations towards the man:  these women are not only suspicious towards their spouse but also places false accusations on him daily just to get his emotions and hurt his feelings.
  • Humiliates the man: the humiliations abusive women give to their spouse can come in verbal or non-verbal actions which are purposely done by the woman in the presence of her friends, family members or even on social platforms just to bring the man beneath her.

Abuse to bisexual men & Gay men

Men who are gay and bisexual go through abuses and domestic violent by their partner but they can speak up about because of the society believes about them and then being unable to get their justice over the violent and abuses they experience on daily basis.

Some of the abuses include;

  • Threats coming from their partner to expose their identity and sexuality to the public.
  • Mistreats you and disrespects you
  • Abuses you sexually because he/she feels that you cants take about your sexual and so therefore your consent is not required.
  • Sexual assault you because they feel that your sexuality is not defined.
  • Hits on you because they see you to be weak and you can defend yourself.

Reasons most Men stick to Abusive Relationship

  • Because they are ashamed
  • They depend on their partners resources
  • Because of their religion and believe
  • For the sake of their children
  • Being in secret relationship with same sex
  • Because of the threats
  • Fear of losing their life if they leave
  • Fear of throwing away the long years spent in the relationship.

How abused men can protect themselves

Men who have been abused or who have experienced domestic violence go through physical, emotional, mental and psychological trauma that goes a long way to affect their reasoning and the way they relate with people around them.

We advise men that are going through these abuses to speak up and sake for help on how to protect themselves from abusive partners. Below are some reliable tips to protect you from violent and abuses in their relationship.

  1. Gather evidence of how you are being abused because it plays vital role in the law court and are not taken for granted. It is one thing to say that you are being abused by your spouse and is another thing to provide the court or police with reliable evidence of the abuses or domestic violence  and assaults you been put through by your spouse
  2. Note the signs that comes before the violence and abuses start,. Is advisable to leave the moment your partner start displaying some signs that leads to abusive actions.
  3. Start a program with professional that will help you and guide you on steps to follow against your abusive spouse in order not to lose your kids or other valuable properties you have.
  4. Do not retaliate during the abuses or the violence, but just put a call to the police and let the law handle the rest.
  5. Avoid issues rising from you and make sure that you are not the cause of the situation at hand and try to stay claim and not panic.

Tips to move on from an abusive relationship

Now that you are finally free from your abusive spouse, now that you have your life back, now that you will no longer be controlled and manipulated by someone you think loves you; what is next?

We all know how it feels to be free again, happy again and most especially safe from danger is also important that we take the right steps about our life in order not to fall back to what we just ran out from or make certain mistake we made in our past relationship.

Below are awesome and reliable tips on how to move on after the break up from domestic violence and abusive relationship.

#1. Give yourself some time. Recovering from the pains, hurts and traumas you passed through in your previous relationship before entering a new relationship is very important, if possible go for counseling program to assist you build yourself confidence and self-esteem again.

#2. Put an end to any means or form of communication with your ex because keeping in contact with her will hold you back from moving on or living your life the way you should.

#3. Don’t be quick to start up another relationship just to replace your ex partner, take your time to know the next person you wish to get into relationship with.

#4. Set goals for your next relationship and work with your goals and most importantly, take some time to build and develop yourself.

#5. Be the one to make your choice in choosing your next relationship partner.

#6. Get involve in social and moral activities to be able to stabilize your mind.

#7. Don’t close your heart to love; the fact that your ex was abusive to you does not make everyone an abuser.

#8. Make new friends and stay more with your family and relatives.

#9. Go for vocations to new places and start giving yourself good treats

#10. Choose your next partner from the right place and know the kind of people she enjoys being around her.

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