Domestic Violence and Abuse in Relationship

Are you in a relationship you wish to keep but cants stay because your partner is being violent and abusive to you and you seen not to understand the reason why they are acting the way they do to you, then you have to note these points that we will be discussing in this article.

What is violence?

Violence in a relationship is the use of threatening means to influence your spouse with injure that could be physical or emotional. This is considering being abusive because it could be verbal or non-verbal.

In relationships violence and abuse comes in different ways and can be managed in different ways.

  • Sexual assault and abuses
  • Violence in youths
  • Technology abuse
  • Child abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Violence towards elderly people.

18 Warning signs of Domestic violence in abusive relationship

The issues of abuse and domestic violence should never be over looked or neglected because the end result could be dangerous and could result to death.

In order to determine if your spouse is becoming violence and abusive, there are signs that you show watch out and be very conscious of in your relationship.

  1. Possessive and dominating behavior
  2. Keeping consistent check towards your moment
  3. Damages your belonging purposely
  4. Threatens you with suicide if you leave the relationship
  5. Always humiliating you in the public
  6. Does not respect you and yells at you indoors and outdoors
  7. See you opinions as being senseless and useless
  8. Calls you stupid names
  9. Embarrasses you in front of his friends and your friends

   10. He or she has bad temper that is unpredictable

   11. Threatens to hurt you if they see you someone else

   12. Threatens to hurt or kill you if you take their belongings

   13. Forces sex on you

   14. Gives you condition over everything you want to do

   15. Secretly follow you around

   16. Blames you over their mistakes

   17. Throw your past mistakes to your face

   18. Uses you like a sex toy

Dealing with Sexual violence and abuse

This is an unaccepted behavior by males or females towards their opposite sex and this behavior may involve forceful sexual approaches towards the person without their consent. This act is lawfully considered illegal and anyone caught on this act or accused of sexually abusing his or her partner could be persecuted.

To be able to deal or fight against sexual abuse you must be able to sense it because it come indifferent forms which includes;

  • Molestation
  • Attempt rape
  • Sodomy
  • Fondling

How to know that you are being Sexually Abused

  1. When any health care personal (a doctor consultant, counselor or a nurse) is attending to you and touching you unnecessarily or in an unprofessional manner with your constant.
  2. Someone fondling you, this has to do with anyone forcefully seeking for masturbation from you or on you without your permission.
  3. By sodomy, this has to do with anal or oral sex. Note that any moment your spouse or anyone is forcefully introducing any object such as sex toys or objects into your private parts without your constant.
  4.   Being force to watch, participate or read sex rated materials such as porn videos, porn magazines or photos of nudity.
  5. Someone sending sexual pictures or messages to you through social platforms or text messages without you asking for it.
  6. Your spouse introducing different sex styles that seen uncomfortable to you without minding if you are comfortable with it.

How to know that you are being Emotionally Abused

This is one aspect of lots of people’s lives that is never discussed or talked about because most people prefer to hold onto the hurts and pains they are going through, this is because they feel that they are bonded to each other through the relationship and most times is the fear of speaking out their minds that keeps them in that emotional abuse.

The funniest part is that some people abused by those they love or by their partners. Below are some points that indicate that you are being abused emotionally.

  1. Blaming you over any bad thing that happens in the relationship.
  2. Putting you down all the time and also shaming you.
  3. Seeing you to be inferior while they are superior over you.
  4. Intimidating you because he or she feels you can’t do without them.
  5. Saying hurting words to without minding how you feel about those hurtful words.
  6. Your spouse not providing your emotional needs.
  7. Creating long lasting scars in your heart or making you fel that you can’t break away from the relationship because they are your only source of survivor.
  8. Not providing your needs such as your medications, food and clothing.
  9. Restricting you from doing things that makes you happy.
  10. Don’t want you to chase your dreams and controlling your economic and financial life.

How to know that you are being Physically Abused

  1. The moment your relationship start involving harsh verbal or non-verbal communications that keeps hurting and traumatizing you by your spouse, then you should know that you are being physically abused.
  2. The inability to express yourself to your spouse because of his or her responses or wrong body languages.
  3. Being harassed by your spouse in the public or private areas.
  4. No freedom of speech or your opinion in the relationship is considered pointless.
  5.  Your spouse yelling consistently at you when there is any issue going on between you both.
  6. Being influenced with injuries by your spouse
  7. Being compared to other people just to make you feel terrible and invalid.

Do you Suspect Abuse or Domestic Violence in your Relationship?

Being abused is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly because it could be dangerous and life threatening if not stopped at the initial stage.

Are you feeling hurt always by your spouse, is your relationship breaking you apart, do you suspect being taking for granted or abused and your partner is being violence towards your? Then you must “speak up”, “call for help” “don’t remain silent”.

One advice we will give to you is that you shouldn’t say I can’t give him up just because you think he loves you. Never tell yourself that the abuse will stop or that your spouse will change with time because the truth is this, “they will not change and they will not stop abusing you”.

Note that the abuses, the violence, the yelling and the control will only come to an end if only they get the help they require to enable them stop the act of abuse and violence towards you.

Do the following if you are being abused

  • Speak to a professional counselor about it
  • Always be on the defensive side
  • Don’t argue with an abusive partner
  • Make s report about his or her attitude towards you
  • Listen to the words they said and validate them
  • Never be the first to after a weapon
  • Get away from him or her when anger set in
  • End the relationship with any abusive partner before you get hurt.

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