Emotional Quotient in Relationship

Emotions are the bases aspect of any relationship and it helps to strengthen the intimacy in the lives of the persons involve in that relationship which makes them to love themselves.

How Relationships are affected by Emotional Quotient

Intimacy in relationships is largely based on the understanding of the emotions arising from both parties. Emotional quotient affects couples positively because it deals with the ability for couple to manage their emotions, understand each other and help to overcome stress through the following means.

  • Creating social awareness among themselves
  • Effective communication
  • Empathize or sympathize with each other
  • Defuse any form of conflict

Signs of Emotional Quotient

Anyone with high emotional intelligence can be easily identified by the following signs.

  • Apology: apology in a relationship does not away mean that the one apology is at fault, it simply means that the one apologizing has emotional quotient which helps him/her to set things straight and that is their strength in that relationship.
  • Commitments: commitments any relationship is a vital part of any one. This is because being committed makes you communicate effectively and also give the couples a reputation that is trust worthy.
  • Positive Feedback: in every relationship, a positive feedback has the ability of giving a reconstructive reasoning that is totally harmless and helpful to someone who is hurt in a relationship.
  • Empathy: showing empathy is a strong sign of emotional quotient which interprets that there is a willingness to understand your spouse better and create more connections with him or her and make the relationship batter than it was.
  • Control over Thoughts: having control over the thoughts that crosses your mind is very essential in a relationship because it help to control the emotions that might arise in different circumstance.
  • Control over Feelings: emotional quotient is basically the ability to recognize different forms of feelings that are based on social awareness and also no self awareness. This awareness enable you to evaluate the causes of what is going on in your relationship yourself questions and also provide answers to them all.
  • Display Authenticity when necessary: showing authenticity as a factor to your emotional quotient shows mostly is to people that really matters to you. This is because sharing major things about your life to anyone or everyone that comes around could be use a wear point from them to you.
  • Appreciate others: appreciation is one of every human desire; this is because it makes everyone feel accepted and valued. To achieve an excellent means of communication and develop good relationship with them, you must be able to focus on the positive aspect of people relate with them irrespective of their social and biological background.
  • Willingness to help: giving a helping hand to your spouse or people around you show how strong you are emotionally and that is the reason why you are always moved to give anyone a helping hand and help them in actualizing their goals.
  • Protecting Your Emotions: emotional quotient helps in protecting ones emotions in other to prevent being hurts and manipulated by people that comes into your life from time to time.
  • Show forgiveness: note that every relationship has its ups and down which are caused by different factors. Having emotional quotient enable you to relate with people in every situation and forgive them when they wrong you.

Skills to Emotional Quotient

  • Learn to channel your emotional to the direction
  • Create healthier and position relationship
  • Learn to encourage and motivate each other
  • No and maintain your values
  • Self knowledge and awareness
  • Do the right things at the right time
  • Don’t always capitalize on any mistake
  • Be open as much as possible

How to Respond to Partners with Low Emotional Quotient

Growing from different family and back ground taught us lots of things about life and to reach challenges that life brings our way.

Always bear in mind that the fact that you are emotionally intelligent does not necessarily mean that your spouse is also emotionally intelligent and this may go a long way to affect your relationship with him or her.

Below are ways to respond to partner without or low-emotional quotient.

  • Create time to be with her even in your busy times.
  • Take out time to talk with your spouse about yourself.
  • Send lovely and encouraging text messages to your spouse.
  • Teach him or her how to trust by being open in the relationship
  • Let your spouse know that they are your priority and that you will never leave them for anything or anyone.
  • Create an environment of freedom between you both
  • Surprise your spouse with gifts, not necessarily expensive gift but as common as a rose flower could be mean so much to your spouse.
  • Pay attention to your partners feelings
  • Respect and acknowledge his or her efforts
  • Tell jokes to your spouse
  • Take decisions about the relationship with your spouse
  • Don’t consider every challenge in the relationship as mistake and problems.

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