Habits And Behaviors That Could End Your Relationship

Being in a relationship is a beautify thing especially when you found that person that your heart desires to be with. To some people, being in a relationship has hurt them emotionally and have cause them serious psychological damages that create fear of not going into another relationship with anyone.

Talking about behavior that could destroy your relationship, there lots of attitude and behaviors that most people may consider as common might appear to be annoying and disgusting to your partner and is likely to push them away from you or affect the relationship negatively.

Note that when you meet people for the first time, their truly personality is not written on their face and that means the only possibility of knowing who they really are; is when you get involved in a relationship with them.

However, we will be discussing about behaviors, attitudes and habits that could end your relationship and hurt your spouse.

#1. Phone Addition: Jealous in a relationship comes in different forms and ways but is very important to note that the act of jealous is always stimulated by certain words or actions by either parties or one person in the relationship.

Talking about phone addition in any relationship is one behavior that could put you and your spouse apart. Does this mean that the usage or operation of phone is not allowed in your relationship, absolutely “NO” , but when you are much connected, attached and addicted to your phone than you are to your spouse; then there is every tendency that intimacy, emotional feelings and concern that you both share together may never be seen or notice because each time you are with your spouse on a date or at home. Your major focus is on your phone causing you to not give your spouse the attention he/she desires from you at the moment.

#2. Always Nagging: Nagging unnecessary in a relationship could result to unpleasant to unpleasant and unacceptable response by your spouse. Is advisable for couples to learn how to express the reason why they are angry or unhappy with their partner than to express the anger.

A nagging habit/behavior has the capability of pushing your partner away from you or making feel uncomfortable around anymore.

The word nagging can mean any of the following words, complaining unnecessary or fault finding in everything in your relationship.

Once this behavior/attitude becomes a habit to you towards your spouse, he/she is likely to feel terrible, irritated, distressed, tormented, hurting and bitterer around you because of your nagging behavior.

#3. Does Forgive: is very important for couples in love to learn how to forgive each other at all times and always bear in mind that as human’s we are bond to mistake a times but what’s most important is for you to accept your mistakes and then ask to be forgiven of which the role of your is to forgive you along with understanding the reasons for your actions.

But when unforgiveness crews into a relationship through one partner and he/she decides to embraces it as a habit then that will go a long way to affect your spouse and how they feel about you.

#4. Sex Starvation: People have different policy about how their sex life should be with their spouse but one thing they fail to understand or put into consideration is their partner’s feelings about their decisions.

Sex is a vital aspect of any relationship between adults and once the bases of sexual intimacy is neglected or the sexual drive is one sided without any corresponding response and actions from the other partner, then that act of intimacy is bridged and the love/feelings that trigged it is tempered with.

The moment this persist and continue in that relationship, then one of the partner is likely to leave or force to go be with some else.

We advise that sexual issues should be carefully discussed by the couples in a relationship in order to understand each other better and what they really want.

#5. Daily Arguments: Lots of people see the word argument as a common thing that is bond to come into any relationship; some people even say comments such as “We disagree to agree” this is not always true because it can only work in case where there is reason and purpose for the arguments.

In casing whereby there is daily argument arising in the relationship and is always coming from one partner in that relationship, then this behavior is definitely going to drive your spouse away from you.

#6. Abusive Words And Actions: Being abusive towards your partner can cause tremendous damage and hurt to your spouse emotion.

Every strong relationship is built with patient, endurance, love, trust and respect. But the moment abusive words and actions is displayed in that relationship to one of the partner and it continuously repeated then be rest assured that you are pushing your spouse away from your side.

#7. Unreciprocated Care: Caring for your spouse is the responsibility of both partners in a relationship; but when the caring is coming from just one person and there is no reciprocate response from their partner then is very clear that one person will get tire soon in the relationship.

#8. Always Telling Lies: Relationships that is built on lies and deceit can’t stand for a long time. Most times people tell lies to their spouse for some reasons to remind by their side but the truth is that no one likes being told lies or be with some one that keeps lying to them over everything and every time.

The truth is this “Once you making lying to your spouse a habit, it won’t stop and this will keep on going bad in the relationship until is finally destroyed.

#9. Unfaithfulness: Unfaithfulness in your relationship is bad habits that will definitely destroy the love your spouse have for you thereby making him/her to leave the relationship without any pity for you.

No one wants to be with a cheating or an un faithful lover; is a definite “NO” for both guys and ladies.

So if you want to have a healthy and happy relationship then both you and your spouse should practices the habit of being faithful to each other and focus on each other too.

#10. Being Over Protective:  Everyone in love and in a relationship tends to be protective towards their loved ones or partners.

Being over protective towards your spouse tends to attract certain actions and words from you to your partner especially when you both are in the public.

Some of these actions and words could go a very long way to hurt and create embarrassing moments for your partner and once he/she discovers that this keeps coming from you as a habit, then you will be forced to take a step of leaving and going away from you.

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