How to Cope with Divorce and Relationship Breakups

When people get divorce or a breakup from their relationship it takes some part of them and recovering from the hurts and shock could take a longer time. Some people never recover and they tend to grieve over the hurt all through their life time.

These tips will help you deal with issues that are divorce and breakup related.

The Pains behind Divorce & Breakup

The reasons why people breakup from their spouse is sometimes different but the fact is this; they all bring about pains even if some people are happy that the relationship ended; a part of them still feel sad and hurt for the time, resources and years wasted with their ex, hoping that thing will suddenly change with time.

Another hurtful aspect of breakup is that it affects your relationship with people around you and your ex such as family members, friends, colleagues at work and your career.

Causes of Divorce & Breakups

1. Culture and Religion: in some part of the world; religion and their cultural believe permits them to marry more than one or two wife’s and also have numerous women around them as mistresses. For this reason, they get married at anytime they will and divorce at anytime they wish.

2. Infidelity: the high rate of breakup and divorce is caused by infidelity that might originate from the man or the woman. The moment one of the couple discovers that another affair is building up outside the marriage, there band to be a divorce.

3. Social Network Platform: social platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook and twitter and some others have turned some couples to believe that they will meet people who are better than their present partner.

Sometimes they get so addicted to those social platforms in such a way that they no longer create time to talk and chat with their partner.

4. Inadequate Communication: lack of communication in a marriage or relationship can put an end to the relationship. Communication plays a vital role in the life’s of two people in a marriage and it each other to feel accepted and wanted.

5. Sex life Incompatibility: when some on who is highly sexually active is in a relationship with someone who does not put much interest in sex it becomes an issue in the relationship and this can push one of the couple to start up a sexual relationship with someone else.

6. Bearing of children: some people get into marriage and relationship for the seek of bearing children while their spouse might not be interested or ready to bear children but just want to have fun with their partner. When issues related to kids is not properly discussed before developing the relationship it becomes an issue that might lead to breakup and divorce.

7. No financial Support: finances play a vital role in a relationship and so many women who do not really have any source of earnings expect to get some financial support from their partner. But when he fails to provide them with no support; it breaks the woman and she will want to go and be with someone that can support her financially.

8. Health Issues: health issues and serious medical condition can be so demanding that some people in a relationship can’t keep up to it and some cases breakups or divorce might be the next option.

9. Anger & Aggression Problem: any amazing relationship can be destroyed by anger arising from one party. Aggression should be totally put away from every marriage/relationship in order to develop a healthy and loving relationship.

10. Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault: this factor has been a reason why so many marriages and relationships are broken. These violence and assaults can originate from the man or woman and the victim will never wish to remain in such relationship but to go for a divorce.

Tips to Recover from Divorce/Breakups

Are you going through a divorce or a breakup at this time of your life and it feels like the whole world is crumbling down on you. Here are some vital tips that will help you recover quickly and have your life back.

1st Tip: Grieving for Divorce/Break: breakups bring lots of hurts with it and the victims feel pains over it even if the person didn’t turn out to be what they expected; but grieving over the breakup in your life should be considered to be normal and you have every right to grieve over it because that is what will make you stronger and more boldness to move on with your life.

2nd Tips: Think about your future: as much as the thought of the divorce and breakup keep coming to your mind, member that you have a greater future ahead of you and this should be the restraining factor to pick you up and set you on the move.

3rd Tips: Talk to your counselor about it: conferred in your counselor about the hurts and feelings troubling you and let him or help you by guiding you on steps to take and activities to involve in and get over the hurts as fast as possible.

4th Tips: Create time for yourself: Breakup and divorce puts people in a tight condition where they try to get themselves busy just to forget about their ex. The truth is that the busyness will never make you feel better but will result to depressions and emotional trauma.

We advise you to create time for yourself and be around your families and friend, get to meet new people, make new friends and most importantly, give yourself some amazing treats and go for a vocation and you will be amazed at how fast you will recover from the hurts and heart breaks.

5th Tips: Never find comfort in foods, drugs & Alcohol: Some people who go through divorce and breakups feel that the best way to get over the hurts is by drinking, taking drugs or by eating unhealthy foods every minute just to feel better about their life.

These three things will destroy everything about you if you hold unto them. Avoid drinking or taking drugs and eating everything you come across as food.

6th Tips: Maintain your Daily Routines: some people prefer to stay indoors and cry all day and night over their breakup and divorce but it shouldn’t be that way. Maintain your daily routines; go for your exercises, dance classes, swimming, lunch, dinner, job and every other activity that you are involved in.

The reason for this; is that your ex is probably having fun with some other person and have moved on with their life and you should do the same.

 7th Tips: Don’t blame yourself: Blaming yourself over your divorce or breakup will do you more harm than good, we advise you to keep your mind positive and alive at all time.

The reason for the breakup is because your ex refuses to do what is needful for the relationship to develop and move forward. Always know that you deserve the best and you deserve to be treated right; so don’t blame yourself for anything.

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