How To Get Girl’s Attention At All Time

Are an attention seeker or you want to be able to get the attention of
any girl you come in contact with on social platform such as the twitter,
instagram, whatsapp, facebook, on the streets, business area, church,
school, parks, movie arena or maybe you have known this girl for some
time but she seen not to notice you around her or given you the
attention you needed from her.
Girls are naturally attention seekers that mean that they like to be the
center of attention and attraction and make them always want to get
the attention of guys around them.
But as a man, you want to be the attention seeker by being noticed by
girls around you at every moment you go out alone or with friends. You
will be amazed at the magic this tips we will be explaining to you will
help you achieve it without stressing to convince any girl on how loving,
caring and fun you are.
In this article we will be categorizing these tips into two different parts
to help you fit into the one that will help you enough in getting the
exact girl you desire.

  1. Getting attention from girls you know
  2. Getting attention from girls you don’t know
    Getting Attention From Girls You Know

Always bear this in mind that the fate that you know a girl doesn’t
mean that you have gotten her attention towards you or probably
attracted to you.
So if you’ve known a particle girl for some time and it seen as if she
doesn’t pick interest in you but picks interest in other guys, then this is
the right time to create that bond of attraction and attention for her to
notice and admire you.
Below are tips to follow in order to be able to win her heart and get her
attention too.

1. Call And Text Her Always: Calls and texting a girl interprets

to her that you care about her especially when it comes with questions
such as “How are you and how is your day going” “ Have you eaten
today” “ Is there anything I could help you out with”.
These questions actually makes her know how much you care and show
concern towards her, by so doing; she will be 100% free and open to
you in all aspect.
Remember that her openness might not be instantly because she will
want to be confidence in you that whatever she tells you remains with
you before she will be totally free and open to you.
Note that even when she tells you that she is okay, don’t forget to tell
her that she should feel free with you and never hesitate to call on you
whenever she needs you. By so doing, you will be rest assured that you
will get her attention.

2. Be Positive Around Her: Girls loves being around a positive

minded guy because it shows them that you are different from other
Guys, you might have known this girl for some time but she seen not to
notice you or get your attention in different occasions. All you need to
do is try engaging her in an interesting conversation that has to do with
other people’s relationship issues that lead to their break up and see
her reactions and opinion about the decision.
While this decision is going on, ensure that you are positive about the
whole issue and never take sides on the part of the guy always say
words such as “They would have try to work it out, despite what the
problem is” and by saying that, you are getting her attention towards
you and making her see you as a responsible and loving guy who is out
to build a relationship and not destroy it.

3. Compliments: Complimenting her is a way of saying that you

notice her, everything she wears, how she talks, her outfits, everything
she does and you think that she is beautiful.
For you to compliment her properly and get her attention towards you,
we advise that you should try noting her skills, abilities, sense of
reasoning, her charms, her achievements and other little things she
does; so that you will know your compliments should be base on.
We also advise that you should keep your compliments and
admirations always her girly and physical aspect in other not to get her
irritated around you and making her thinks that you compliment her
just be to her to sleep with you.

4. Put On A Smiling Face: If you want to get her attention very fast

then you will need to always put on a smiling face whenever you are
around her or when you are having a conversation that seem unserious
with her.
Most guys believes that putting on a long face makes you look mean
and very serious, but the actual truth is that girls dislike guys that find it
difficult to smile and freely laugh to express themselves.
Smiling makes girls see that there is a soft part of you that is fun to be
with which will definitely get her attention.

5. Mode Of Dressing: Different girls has a pattern of dressing

that they love to see on any guy and most times these outfits tends to
get girls attention and get them attracted to any guy in question.
Maybe you have known this girl for some period of time but you never
gotten her attention and you’ve been thinking of how to get attention,
and then we suggest that your mode and pattern of dressing will play a
vital role for you.
Try getting into different outfits with different fashionable styles, shoes,
new hair cuts that is neatly done, well ironed clean cloths and try
wearing different colors because girls admire guys that are not scared
of trying colors at all times.

6. Invite Her For Lunch sometimes: probably she works with

you, kindly invite her to join you for a lunch even if she doesn’t want to
eat anything, just kindly tell her that you will appreciate her company
around you; but if she insist that she doesn’t want to go, never get
angry or work away from her with an angry face; rather smile and ask

her with a polite tone if you could get anything for her while you are
coming back.

7. Protect Her: Girls tend to love and admire guys that can stand

up for them and protect them when needful.
If you really want that beautiful girl to be attracted to you and start
paying attentions to you then you have to be protective around her
when issues that might hurt her rises.
Seek For Her Opinion: Girls dislike guys that are authoritative at all
times but they admire guys that gives them the opportunity to say what
is in their mind and see them to be important and also welcome their
opinions in decisions that involve them.
Treating her this way will make her love you without you professing
your love to her.
Getting Attention From Girls You Don’t Know.
Getting attention from girls you just met for the first time may see a
little beat different because you might be wondering how possible it is
to make her get attracted to you and give you the exact attention
you’ve been longing to get from a her.

1. Good Approaches: One of the ways that you can get a girls

attention to yourself is through good and mature approaches.
Meeting a girl for the first time can make you so excited, happy and you
can’t wait to talk to her, but what really matters is being able to get
attention as soon as you approach her.

2. Your Charms: Being charming has a lot to do with getting a new

girl attention even due you are meeting her for the first time.
Every guy has a special aspect of him that is his charms which might be
their behavior, their physic, color of eyes, teeth, height, voice, etc.
We advise you to discover your charms and know how to apply it when
you meet a pretty girl for the first time and also get her attention.

3. Eye Contact: Keeping a close eye contact is one of the ways to

get girls attentions especially when meeting them for the first time.
A good eye contact can knock a pretty girl off her feet with you saying a
word to her.
Girls love guys who are bold enough to look into their eyes without
being shy of anything.

4. Cute Smiles: Having cute smiles on your face while talking to a

girl is one assuring way of getting her attention because it will definitely
make her to engage in a conversation with you even when she never
feel like talking with you.
We advise that as a guy, you should keep smiling face at all time to be
able to relate with ladies.

5. Body Posture: A good body posture could make a girl love you

and channel her attention to you even without knowing you very much.
Maintaining a good and stable posture should be an aspect to put in
order for your own health good and for people around you.

6. Right And Decent Words: Choosing and maintaining a right

and decent words when talking to a girl for the first time is very
important and vital because some girls can get irritated by certain
words and attitude that come out from some guys that they are
probably meeting for the first time.
We advise that your choices the kind of words for her at the first day
and even about you have gotten her attention, still maintain nice and
sweet words during your conversation with her.

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