How to Improve your Sex Life

Sex in the life of men and women is an important aspect of their sexuality and this goes a long way to affect their relationship with their spouse or sex partner. Sometimes sex in some people’s life could be dramatic or pleasant with their spouse for some reasons, but the truth is that every sexually active person wants their sex life to be amazing and fun with their spouse.

What Is Sex?

Sex is basically the penetration of the male sex organ (penis) into a female sex organ (vagina). To some people sex is not necessarily having an intercourse but much more of feelings of sexuality and of anything that makes them feel sexy about themselves. This could include using of sex tops or insetting objects into the mouth, anus vagina or playing with other parts of their body or their partner’s body.

Sexes and Its Differences

Different people seek for sex for different reasons and this is based on their gender. In relationships, men and women put interest in sex and this is what enhances what they can offer to each other. These interests are also based on the following factors;

  • Personal Interest: this kind emotional feelings towards your partner and this creates close connection between the two persons involve in the relationship that cares about each other.
  • Body Interest: this kind of sex is based on the sexual desires of the human body. Most people that have this type of sex does it just because they enjoy how sex feels and does not attach any emotional feelings to it or towards their sex partner.

Whatever your interest in sex is; you can always improve your sex life and have more amazing time with yourself and your partner at all time.

Reasons People Involve In Sexual Activities

Is very important to know the reasons for sex and why people have sex in their relationship and outside their relationship. Below are some reasons people have sexual intercourse.

  • To make babies
  • Is an act of love, affection and passion
  • Relationship pressure
  • To boost their self-esteem
  • For relieving stress and depression
  • Insecurity
  • Curiosity over their sexuality
  • As an act of revenge
  • Relationship demand or duty
  • For making money (prostitution)
  • To exercise power
  • Pleasure
  • Religion and marital demand
  • Consistent sex drive
  • To reduce infidelity
  • To create trust
  • To create connection and intimacy
  • To improve their social and mental life

Ways to Improve your Sex Life

  • Discuss your sexuality with your partner
  • Be honest to your spouse
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Eat the right food
  • Play with your partner
  • Be creative and try new things
  • Reduce smoking
  • Practice touching technique
  • Practice physical affection such as kissing and cuddling
  • Learn and study more about sex
  • Do not criticize or make fun of your partner body parts
  •  Discuss the changes in your body
  • Open up to your partner when you want sex
  • Try new sex positions
  • Take exercise classes
  • Be flexible
  • Dress sexy in doors and some outdoors events
  • Do things together such as drinking coffee
  • Visit new places together
  • Talk about your experiences

Sex Positions for more Pleasure

Orgasm is an aspect of a fulfilling and exciting sexual activity that every sexually active person wishes to experience in their sex life with their sex partner. Below are some sex positions for more sexual pleasure.

1. Missionary Sex Position: this sex position is very common and so many couples usually see this position as outdated and mostly used by people that are advance in age; but that is not true about the missionary position. To enjoy more stimulation on the clitoris and have more pleasure with your spouse.

To make this process easier and fun, we advise the female to her butt up during this sex position or assist her with a pillow that will give her balance and comfort. To her partner, it gives him the access to have full penetration into the vagina.

2. 69 Sex Position: this sex position is suitable and perfect fort lovers of oral sex. During sex, the both parties can give each other oral sex at the same time just by laying side to side, facing each other with the female’s mouth on the male’s penis and the man’s tongue on the female’s vagina for an amazing session of oral sex.

This position is considered to be awesome and fulfilling because the couples will get to enjoy each other with all pleasure. In some cases, some females prefer that their partner uses sex toy such as vibrators to stimulate their clitoris while they carry out the oral sex on their partner still in the 69 sex position.

3. Catcher Sex Position: this sex position gives the women a very deep penetration and control over the male sex organ (penis). During this sex kind of sex, the female sits on the man with the penis rightly and gently directed into her vagina. While sitting on him, the female should ensures that her both feet are comfortably placed on the bed outside her partner body because in so doing, she will be able to control the speed of her body and more especially her waist region.

4. Spooning Sex Position: this sex position is considered to be an affectionate position and it creates close bond between the both parties. During this kind of sex the male and the female enjoys the deep penetration and orgasm because it allows the female to feel the penis on the wall of her vagina and also the male feels deepness and juicy walls of the female’s vagina.

5. Straddle Sex Position: this sex position is a face to face sitting position that needs the body corresponding of the couples. During this sex, the couples can kiss themselves real well; the male can feel the breast of the female to his chest while the female sits on the penis with her both legs rounding the man’s waist. This sex gives pleasuring feelings to both couples.

6. Doggy Sex Position: this sex position can also be called the rare penetration position because it allows the male to deeply penetrate the female’s vagina from her behind. During this kind of sex, the female knees before the male with her face forward and her butt positioned towards the male sex organ (penis) while the male gently direct his penis into her female’s vagina with his hands holding her waist so that he can control the speed and dept of his penis in the female’s vagina.

Female’s Most Pleasurable Body Parts

Different women have different body chemistry which controls their sexual feelings and that is why some women admire and appreciate being touched in certain ways while some other women don’t.

Below are most areas of the female’s body that are very pleasurable to them during sexual intercourse.

  • The nipples and the areola
  • The thighs
  • The scalp
  • Navel
  • The lips
  • The clitoris
  • The neck
  • The ears
  • Armpit region
  • Front and behind the knee
  • The sacrum region
  • The cervix
  • The hands

Male’s Most Pleasurable Body Parts

Different men also have different pleasurable spots that trigger the feelings needing sex in them. Some men hold strongly to those areas that turns them on and as a woman, the moment you are able to figure out these spots; you will be rest assure to have him seeking for more.

  • Neck
  • Ears
  • Nipples
  • The foreskin
  • The prostate region
  • The testicles
  • The chest
  • The scrotum
  • The lips
  • The perineum
  • The knees

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