Male Privileges/Abuses & its Effects on Relationships

Male privileges has played so role in so many relationships before and still playing major roles in some people life.

Privileges is basically the need of men to stay in power over the women they are in relationship with and in the society at large which most times it result to abuses from the male counterparts.

What is Male Privileges?

In our society it is believed that male children are more entitled to lots of privileges such as having anything they desire and how they want it. They are taught to be strong, express their anger, protective, dominant and decisive over any issue unlike the females who are taught to be gentle, preserved and emotional.

Below are some examples of male privileges that tend to manifest in a males life as they develop.

  • Seeking for respect from females
  • Decisions making without the constant of the female.
  • Always in the position of taking than giving
  • Consider sex from females as his right
  • Always claim ownership over everything.
  • Consider his decisions to be the best and final
  • Believes his behaviors defends him as a man
  • Feeling superior and smarter than females
  • Consider himself as the master towards females
  •  Dismissing and disregarding opinions by females

The above listed points are some of the reasons some men have become abusive and lost control over their feelings and reason. Just to see the females as slaves to them and are treated with no respect of any kind.

Male privileges in Relationships & Marriages

The role of male privilege tend to determine the direction in which the development of the relationships. Most males that are brought up with the mindset that they are more entitled to lots of privileges in relationships and marriages; therefore it might lead to abuses to the opposite sex who is in their life.

#1. Sex in Relationship: male privileges controls the sexual aspect of some relationships; the males most times see it that getting sex from females is his right as a man and this tends to lead to sexual abuse. These men forces sex on female who never gave them consent for sex.

#2. Disrespect: women pass through lots of disrespect from men that where raised from families or background that believed so much in male privileges and taught their male child to enforce respect to the females around him.

This up-bringing can lead to abuses to the females in the relationship with such men.

#3. Verbal &Non Verbal Abuse: abuses in relationship could be as a result of the male attitude of wanting to express how tough they are towards their spouse thereby being abusive verbally and non-verbally to their partner.

#4. Manipulative in Relationship: some females in relationships are more vulnerable to being manipulated by their partner who sees them to be infrared and incapable of defending themselves physically and emotionally.

In this case, the males try to force the females to believe in what they believe or to do things or anything he says even when the female don’t want to.  

#5. Inferiority: women has always been seen and considered to be the weaker vessels, but that is not truth and should not be seen as the truth.

This has made so many parents to train their female children to believe that they are weak in the society; they are to be gentle and never speak when a male is talking and this goes a long to affect the female in future. While  the male children are taught to see themselves to be superior and command authority over the female which also make them to be authoritative and abusive towards their opposite sex who come in contact with them.

How to Fight Against Male Privileges

Males who have had several relationships broken or destroyed by their attitude of demonstrating their privileges as men who are willing to build up better relationship and find a woman who will love and stay with them can fight this attitude of putting this male privileges.

  • Develop the attitude of listening more to your spouse when she is complaining about something that is going wrong in your relationship with her.
  • Be supportive and give a helping hand to your spouse in everything that concern your relationship especially with activities that goes on in the house.
  • Allow your spouse to voice out her opinion on matters that relate to you both and other general issues.
  • Never force sex on her, find out if she is mentally and emotional sound to have sex with you.
  • Never be the “I know it all guy” because it puts the girl in a taught corner of not being able to freely communicate her feeling and thoughts to you.
  • Don’t look down your spouse irrespective of her social, academic or physical background try to carry her along with the plans you have for the relationship.
  • Never be suppressive or oppressive to your spouse with your words or body language.
  • Don’t expect daily sex from your spouse as your light or her duty towards you.

Putting male privileges away & making women feel special

To build a health relationship with your spouse is advisable to put away any sign of male privileges that might want to surface in the relationship.

Below are ways to treat your woman rightly without letting the male privileges destroy her love for you.

Step1. Find out her likes & dislikes: females are unique creatures that love to be treated just the right way they want. But most times males cannot step up to the desires of their female spouse because they can’t read the mind of their spouse. We advise that you create the closeness of finding out from her what she really likes and dislike in order treating her rightly and special.

Step2. Give her Compliments daily: complimenting your spouse builds up the confident in her and her self-esteem. It also makes her feel special and acceptable among her follow women and the society at large.

Step3. Kiss her unexpectedly: giving your spouse kisses don’t have to be only during sex but it should be an affection that comes from the heart. When you kiss her unexpectedly it makes her smile and she sees how much you value and how passionate you are towards her.

Step4. Surprise her with gifts: Getting gifts for your spouse does not necessarily mean expensive things that you can afford; little gifts such as roses can mean so much to your spouse and bring so many smiles to her face. You can even but her box of chocolate and watch how she will eat and enjoy it with happiness.

Step5. Assist her with the Domestic work: relationship involves two people who willingly agree to live together and build a happy home and is advisable for the man to assist the woman in the domestic works at home; especially when she is getting suffocated with the excessive works and cleaning at home.

These act reliefs her of the stress and pressures that she experience on daily basis.

Step6. Take her for vocations: relationships start getting bored to females when they are stock in one place for too long. This will make them to start thinking that there is nothing more their spouse can offer; but going for vocations and going to new places away from your residential area makes her see life differently and she will appreciate life and the relationship more.Step7. Spend time with her: some relationships suffer from lack of attention which most times are the man’s fault and as this continual, it will physically and emotionally start separating them. We advise that couples should spend quality time together irrespective of the busy time.

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