Sex In Relationship And Casual Sex

Being in a relationship has a lot that accompanies it and this is a contribution from both the man and the woman; without the co-operation from the both parties, they are going to struggle lot to make everything work between them.

The good and perfect out come in a relationship is totally dependent on the two people in that relationship not on any third or fourth party outside the relationship.

In this article will be discussed about sex in the relationship and casual sex outside relationship.

What Is Sex?

The word “SEX” has to be with your sexuality and intimate connection between a man and a woman, making them to be able to enjoy this pleasure of satisfaction that they both have to offer.

This sexually intimacy basically has to do with the male and female genital which is the “PENIS and the VAGINA”.

The penis and the vagina are specially designed organs by God for the major purpose is satisfying the male and female sexual desires and for the purpose of procreation (reproduction) of offspring.

Human’s act of sexual activity is considered to be normal activity that exist between humans but when it comes to having sex in a relationship and casual sex, they are two different things and should be considered and see from different perspectives.

Sex In Relationship: Having sex in a relationship is an amazing aspect of the two couple in that relationship because it’s totally have to do with the both of them and no one else.

During sex in a relationship most especially in marriage, the couples are majorly concern about each other’s feelings, happiness and satisfaction.

Sex is a connection of the heart, body and souls of both couples involved.

Sexual feelings in a relationship could be aroused by any of the parties because it has to do with the committed of our heart and state of mind.

What Happens During Sex

During sex, there are four major stages in which both the man and the woman passes through which is stimulated by the mental state, the physical state the psychological state and the spiritual state of mind of the couples, This what helps to achieve a successful intimacy together, the stages includes the four following Phases;

  1. The Excitement Stage (ES)
  2. The Plateau Stage (PS)
  3. The Orgasm Stage (OS)
  4. The Resolution Stage (RS)

The mentioned above stages/phases of sex affects the both couple (man/woman) in different ways and times thereby making their response to one another positive and interesting.

To help you understand these stages of sex routine better and how it works for couples below are times to help you.

Excitement Stage (ES1) *Penis Erection occurs. *Nipples Erection occurs. *There is increased heart rate and blood pressure. *There is breath acceleration. *The Vagina lengthens and widen. *The Clitoris erects and thickens. *The breast hardens and increases in size. *The vagina produces lubricate fluid. *There is increased heart rate and blood pressure. *There is breath acceleration.
Plateau Stage (PS2) *Scrotum Receives the testes. *Penis lengthens to reach full erection. *There is increase in pulse rate. *The male feel sensation in their body. *The inner lips changes color. *The outer layer of the vagina starts accumulating blood. *The vagina opening starts narrowing. *The female feel sensation in their body.
Orgasm Stage (OS3) *The urethral bulb accumulates seminal fluid. *The penis contraction occurs to allow orgasm to take place. *The blood pressure continues to increase. *There is reflex movement of the feet’s and hands. *In females, their response differs during orgasm. *The vagina continues to contract and widen for extra deep penetration. *The blood pressure continues to increase. *There is reflex movement of the feet, hips and hands.    
Resolution Stage (RS4) *The penis releases sperm and return its original size. *blood pressure decreases. *Vagina comes back to its original size and shape. *The inner, clitoris and outer lips of the vagina relax.

The above table explains what goes on between couples during sexual intercourse; despite the above table, another thing that contributes to the effectiveness and duration of sex is the physical and mental conditions of the both couple involve in the relationship.

Roles To Play For An Exciting Sex In A Relationship

#1. Romance: Romance during sex is very vital because it helps you bring out that hunger and intimate expression that your partner and you desire for an exciting sex.

Romance could take different time duration sexual intercourse depending on the couple or depending on their physical and mental stability of the both party.

#2. Consistent Eye Contact: Maintaining consistent eye contact is a means of communication of availability and passion for your spouse.

We advisable you to always keep a close eye contact with your partner at all time during sex.

#3. Communication: Exciting sex is not suppose to be quiet and boring activity; both the man and woman enjoys sex more when there is communication among them during sex.

Is very important to say want you or how you want your spouse to touch and romance you, you should be able to tell him or her when you are enjoying and please with how the whole activity is going because it will give your spouse more direction and guideline on how to be a better lover in bad.

#4. Be Attentive To Your Spouse: Having sex is a corresponding action from the man and woman having it and that is why is advisable to be attentive to your partner to know he/she really want and desires at that moment.

Being attentive during sexual intercourse also help your to understand the intense desires of your spouse and meet up with it.

#5. Never back Out Your Partner during Sex: Sex is main to be enjoyed by the both couples in a relationship and is the responsibility of the man and the woman to ensure that their partner is excited during the intercourse and every moment in the mist of the activity.

During this process, we advise the that there should not be backing outing from you or your spouse especially if you feel you are not enjoying the moment rather try to make that moment exciting by being passionate towards your spouse.

Casual Sex

  • Casual sex is the type of sex that exist between none lover and it has no emotional attachment to each other.
  • During this kind of sex, each of the party is more interested in satisfying themselves and not their spouse.
  • This kind of sex exist among youths, teenagers, prostitutes and some singles that don’t want to get into serious relationship or commit themselves to anyone or get married.
  • No emotional attachment of any kind is involved during casual sex because the persons involved are mostly concern with his/her sexual satisfaction and don’t care if the other person’s feeling and satisfaction.

What Is Wrong About Casual Sex?

Most people don’t to see anything wrong with having casual sex with anyone because they believe that as long as they get that immediate satisfaction that their body needs at that moment, they are fine with casual sex even if they have to do it with a total stranger.

But the truth about casual sex is that it does not give you any satisfaction emotionally and psychologically.

The reason for this is because of the following;

  •   Is practices with someone you are not in a relationship with.
  • This person is probably a totally stranger to you.
  • Your emotional feelings are not considered during casual sex.
  • You don’t know the health status of the person you had casual sex with.
  • You don’t know the hygienic condition of the person.
  • The four stages of sexual intercourse are not achieved or reached by both party because each person is mostly concerned about his/her self.
  • You are not each other’s responsibility.
  • No protection from each party in general.

Negative Aspect Of Casual Sex

  1. Unwanted pregnancy
  2. Exposure to STD’s
  3. Insecurity
  4. No sexual satisfactions
  5. No emotional attachment
  6. No personal concern or support is shown

Should I Not Involve In Casual Sex?

The answer to the above question is “NO” because you stand to benefit nothing from it; is better for you to focus on what you can share your whole feelings and emotions with at all time.

Is very important that you get to know the person you are sexually opening up to; because is very essential before you can involve in a sexual intercourse with that person and the best way to do that is by creating a relationship with that person.

This is very essential because you need to be sure that this person can take up responsibility of anything that concerns you and your life.

We advise you be in a relationship, build it to suit you and your spouse, enjoy the company of each other at all times and make each other your priority to be able to support, encourage and be there for each other.

Summary: Different people have their personal reasons and understanding about sex in relationship, casual sex and their various reactions to sex.

We will be updating you on recent discussions that relates to sexual intercourse and all that is involved in it.

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