Tips to Finding the Right Partner

Relationship are more fun when you are with the right person as your partner remember that nobody is considered a wrong person but some people are main for certain people, this means that person understands you and treats you rightly.

This article will help you find out the right people that you truly deserve to be in a relationship with.

1. Your Choices: the choices you make tend to control your decisions and most times, those decisions are taking out of fear and anxiety. Finding the right partner to be with is a path that should be clearly walked on because at the end those choices are what will determine the joy and happiness in your choices.

2. Don’t be quick to commit yourself: most people feel that committing yourself to someone you just meet is the best way to make them stick or stay with you. But the truth is this; people don’t want to feel that they owe you any favor for your commitment to them. Some people actually feel that your commitment to them is a bondage to them.

To find the right partner for yourself, we advise you to study the person you are currently going out with and find out if he or she really wants; before you can take the steps of committing anything or better off continue to be just causal friends with them.

3. Don’t be quick to Judge: judging people at their very first mistake is definitely not going to allow know why really are and they will not also have the opportunity to get to know.

Don’t be quick to judge anyone you intend making your partner, try given them the chance to truly display who they are, then you can map out your decisions on who they truly are.

4. Find out the qualities that first Attracted to him/her: everyone always have something that first attracted them to a person and most times, those qualities are what holds up the relationship even when every other thing failed in the relationship.

In finding that right and special person begin with finding that person you are looking up to being you’re your partner.

5. Find someone that brings out the best of you: relationship is a two way union that requires the efforts of the both parties to work. Everyone have an amazing aspect of themselves and sometimes the person in their life’s helps to bring out the best of them.

6. Don’t put sex first: one rule you must put in front of your mind in front of your mind in finding the right partner is to put away lust and pleasure of sex always especially when you are meeting people for the first time.

The reason for this is that people don’t take you serious especially when you give yourself to them to sleep with you at the first date or outing.

7. Treat people equally: the way you treat people that comes into your life on daily basis really matters. Sometimes the people you put much value on don’t really deserve it. While those you neglect are likely to be best friends and partner that will bring you so much joy and you end up losing them because you never valued them.

Learn to treat people rightly and equally so that they will open up their heart to you and you will know them better.

Factors that Makes up a Healthy Relationship

Before you can consider any relationship to be healthy the following factors should be present in that relationship.

  • Financial support
  • Effective communication
  • Trust
  • Mental support
  • Respect
  • Equality
  • Honesty
  • Domestic assistance
  • Fun
  • Emotional support
  • Fairness in decision making
  • Understanding

Red Flags that Shows this person is not the right Partner

  • Authoritative and abusive behavior
  • Insecurity
  • Lacks trust
  • Immature behavior
  • Controls everything about you
  • Being irresponsible
  • Does not feel comfortable around your family and friends
  • Not trust worthy
  • Being unpredictable
  • Being secretive about everything
  • Threatens you
  • Disrespects you
  • Holds on to anger for too long
  • Does not forgive easily
  • Alcohol addict
  • Drug addict
  • Has sexual interest
  • Financial interest
  • Jealousy
  • Displays non-verbal negative body language

The above listed signs are red flags that should guide you and the decisions you take in choosing and getting the right partner to be your spouse.

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